Solutions disregarding national economy, welfare level of the people, economic and social facts shall not make any positive contribution to globalization or realism.

Now that the developed industrial countries have completed industrialization process and transited to post-industrialization after causing global environmental pollution, they have adopted romantic ideals about environmental pollution.

The situation of the European Community constitutes good evidence to this fact. Yes to globalization but also yes to protecting and evaluating natural resources. After all, are not they the common resources and values of humanity? Still, countries in the process of industrialization have to undergo the same route. They have to experiment and learn their own lessons.

The solution does not lie in militantism of nature or mining. The solution lies in militantism of peaceful syntheses based on rationality.

Our thesis is quite clear.

The primary condition of resolving a problem is to diagnose it correctly.

First of all, this gap of information must be filled. It is not possible to produce solutions without achieving that. Truth cannot be seen before the fog of ignorance is scattered away.

If we neglect the search for a realistic synthesis and allow polarization to dominate all matters, we cannot devise any solutions.

We have to get rid of the obsession to exaggerate or underestimate our problems with individual observations by using data which are not objective or scientific in any manner through daily and instant sensitive reactions. In other words, we have to stop looking for a scapegoat when things go wrong and forget about the tragedy after a while.

Such a big problem does not have readily made solutions. It does not have shortcuts, either. Biased approaches neglecting and underestimating our own resources will not provide any benefit to the country. The most realistic solution to the energy problem of Turkey is to make an intelligent synthesis by prioritizing national resources.

In that regard, it is necessary to take into consideration the environmental future of the world along with the economic realities of global energy trade. Besides, we have to consider the foreign trade balance, possibilities and impossibilities of our country which strives for development "amidst the use of energy as a political and social weapon".

In conclusion, we have to remain alert to devise intelligent syntheses.

Our age is not the age of finding out what we cannot do why and how.

It is the age of finding out what we can do why and how.

And there is no other shortcut.

We, as MİLTEN family, remain true to our word and endeavour to extract underground mineral resources of our country with our managers, officers and engineers for more than 50 years for the good of our nation and we are proud to hand down to the youngest generations nature far more perfect than we actually found it. 



In our modern world where boundaries are increasingly eliminated under the influence of post-industrial economies, Turkey continues its devotion to further develop and reach the level of developed countries.

The fact that our country has valuable historical background, natural wealth and a significant underground and aboveground potential that is newly put into use does not eliminate this obligation.

It is quite natural that industrialization and urbanization are the undisputable preliminary conditions of local or global development and more civilized lifestyle today as it was in the past.

The global understanding is to resolve the problems related to political, economic, social and cultural development through peaceful methods rather than radical reactions. But the search for peaceful methods makes it mandatory to harmonize the obligation for industrialization and urbanization with the developmental and environmental awareness.

Certainly, we are not in a world of conflicts in which industrialization and urbanization process is on one side whereas the environmental awareness is on the other side. We are expected to make a synthesis between them through conscious efforts rather than being exhausted with fruitless and unproductive conflicts.

Extracting and using underground wealth shall inevitably bring a number of environmental problems.
The request not to operate those sites and leave the resources idle on account of various justifications results in depriving the nation and country of unrecoverable benefits.

If the country becomes dependent on foreign countries as a result of malpractices performed due to groundless concerns such as low productivity or environmental protection, it will result in economic and social erosion leading human beings to become indifferent and even hostile to the nature.

A society in need of domicile, food and fuel will meet those fundamental needs at all costs. People will eventually find a way to meet their needs just like steam under pressure. It is evident that police forces may not prevent that.

Looking for radical solutions to those problems will make the situation even more complicated. If you cannot prevent illegal organizations and unplanned development without infrastructure, you cannot prevent the related extremisms individually.

Is it not true that natural energy resources are political weapons apart from their economic significance? Otherwise, they would not be the primary cause of wars in our modern world.

Or if we turn the picture upside down, which one is more plausible? To close down mining sites which meet heating requirement of our people economically so as to protect the nature contrary to the global practices? Or to encourage public and private enterprises to adopt measures to protect the environment while increasing efficiency of the sites without slowing down our industrialization process?

Globalization should not induce the nations to disregard their own resources and lead their lives by purchasing products of third parties for maintaining their comfort.




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