Mining Platform, comprised of employees, employers, investors and engineers in mining industry, made a number of requests from the Government such as elimination of legislative complication and discounts in taxes and costs. 
During the 1st Mining Forum, a two-day programme organized by Mining Platform, the problems of the industry were discussed. The Outcome Statement issued at the end of the Forum underlined that miners should not be demonstrated as if they were anti-environmentalists and made a number of requests from the Government. Platform Spokesman Cemil Ökten indicated that Turkey may overcome various problems with solely mineral resources contrary to many countries suffering from global financial crisis and underlined that Turkey lost at least USD 10 billion each year due to lack of importance to mining industry. Cont.
Source: Yeni Mesaj- 03.07.2009


Young Mining Operators Association (GEMAD) President Cemil Ökten told that Turkey had coal reserves of 8 billion tons which were largely idle.
GEMAD President Ökten expressed that import coal prices increased by approximately 60 percent as reported in newspapers recently. Expressing that the increase affected consumers, industrialists and national economy, Ökten Cont.
Source: Yeni Şafak - 13.07.2008


The decision for demonstration was made during the 'Mining Platform' meeting. Managers of 100 mining companies performing business activities in Istanbul and neighbouring cities held a meeting in ITU Social Facilities last Saturday.
Executive Board member of the Platform and Secretary General of Aggregate Producers’ Union Mesut Erkan made an opening speech expressed that national economy was seriously damaged by arbitrary practices arising from anti-mining discourse. Remarking that no one would benefit from non-operation of underground resources in Turkey, Erkan said "Our country and government sustain losses in terms of both employment and taxation. The loss amounts to more than 5 billion dollars." Cont.
Source: Zaman - 06.05.2008


Although local coal is 50% cheaper than natural gas, Ministry of Environment has prohibited all kinds of fuels for heating apart from natural gas through a circular. YOUNG MINING OPERATORS ASSOCIATION Chairman Cemil Ökten interpreted the situation by saying "Due to the incorrect practices in the industry, 80% of total energy consumption in Turkey is met by foreign countries". 
What happens to the energy policy of Turkey? Political figures were referred to the High Council in the part due to their wrong policies and utilitarian actions and it is not certain whether the wrongful acts in energy industry have been proven through referral of such persons to the High Council. It is certain that the wrongfulness continues. YOUNG MINING OPERATORS ASSOCIATION Chairman Cemil ÖKTEN interpreted the situation: Cont.
Source: Önce Vatan- 09.04.2005


Focused on extracting and enriching lignite coal as well as making related investments and using those products as main raw material, MİL-TEN Holding plans to complete the construction of a new thermal plant operated fully by coal in 2005.
Yalçın Özdağ, General Manager of MİL-TEN Bir Elektrik Üretim Ltd. Şti., a subsidiary of MİL-TEN Holding, informed that MİL-TEN initiated investment of a thermal plant solely based on local coal in addition to their main production activities. Indicating that MİL-TEN Bir Elektrik Üretim Ltd. Şti. was incorporated for that purpose in 2003, Özdağ stated that the company was issued a production license by EMRA for a plant of 12 MW in 2004. Cont.
Source: Dünya Gazetesi - 27.09.2004


Plants to stop operations – According to energy planning for 2002, production shall be cut in lignite plants during the months in which build-operate model plants shall be activated. Production shall be suspended in Orhaneli and Soma A plants completely. State owned plants shall meet power requirement by 54 percent this year although this rate was 70 percent last year. 
ANKARA-Ministry of Energy announced 2002 energy planning in April which anticipates reduction of production in thermal plants. According to the plan, some of the thermal plants shall stop production completely when Adapazarı-Gebze and Aliağa plants constructed based on build-operate model are activated. For that reason, Turkish Coal Enterprise changed coal production plan twice. Cont.
Source: Cumhuriyet Gazetesi- 15.05.2002


Assistant General Manager Gürman: "The business shall gain momentum when our first plant is completed"
Assistant General Manager of MİL-TEN Group of Companies Erol Gürman said that they were ambitious about establishing a "dust coal based thermal and energy plant" and that business would “gain momentum” in recent future. Gürman, Assistant General Manager of the Group mainly involved in mining business, told that coal was dried and enriched in Germany to be used in heat and energy production and they tried to establish such thermal and energy centres in Turkey. Pointing out that they formed a “know-how and license partnership” with German Kohlenstaubtecnik Dr. Schoppe GmbH, Gürman indicated that the German partner provided 10 million DM loan from Eximbank in the first step for investment in Turkey. Cont.
Source: 18.05.2000


Cemil Ökten, President of Milten Holding, said "Turkey commits serious mistakes especially in energy related matters. Turkey has important coal reserves. Those reserves may resolve energy problem easily for a long period. Therefore, we are beginning a movement explaining people the importance of claiming ownership in local resources by Turkish public especially in mining industry".
Milten Holding held a press meeting to launch “Domestic Goods 2000” campaign organized for increasing use of products produced with local resources. Cemil Ökten, President of Milten Holding and Vice-President of Presidential Council formed by NGO’s acting in mining industry, uttered a speech in which he said: "Turkey has important coal reserves. Those reserves may resolve energy problem easily for a long period." Cont.
Source: Dünya Gazetesi - 02.03.2000


Mil-Ten Holding, the most powerful private company with 15 percent market share in coal production in Turkey, initiated a campaign for “Domestic Production Incentive and Usage” to support consumption of domestic products and focus on export activities.
As part of the campaign which has received support from various companies including Beko, Profilo, and Penguen Gıda, various meetings, panels and conferences shall be organized, domestic products shall be displayed in semi-trailer trucks labelled as "Domestic Goods Production and Consumption Convoy" all over Turkey. Cont.
Source: BAROMETRE Anlık Gazete - 05.02.2000


Mil-Ten managers indicate that the plant to be established for producing environmentally friendly coal shall cost USD 10 million.
BERLIN – One of the leading coal producers in Turkey, Mil-Ten will both generate power and heat mass housing areas and organized industrial zones without polluting the environment. Mil-Ten President Cemil Ökten gave information about the central heating system for 6 thousand domiciles in Berlin and indicated that Turkey had to overcome its energy problem with the help of coal reserves of 8 billion tons. Ökten said "Turkey reacts to coal in an extremely negative manner. But Berlin uses coal for heating purposes. Besides, coal gives as little damage to the environment as natural gas thanks to the developments in technology". Ökten explained that 10 million USD was required for such a plant and they discussed the matter with TOKİ, DPT and industrial zones. Cont.
Source: Radikal - 02.12.1999


Supplying 50 percent of its energy requirement from coal, Germany says "We are ready to supply 16 percent cheaper energy to you no matter what type of energy you are using right now". Berlin Municipality heats the city and supplies hot water requirement with coal without polluting the nature.
Turkey seeks every remedy for its energy deficit recently. It is interested in all kinds of energy generation activities including natural gas, nuclear power and thermal plants. On the other hand, it neglects coal. Germany is one of the countries with the highest coal reserves. Today, Germany supplies around 50 percent of its energy requirement from coal. Coal was not neglected even after coal mines and operational rights were privatized. Schoppe company, in which Berlin Municipality is a shareholder, derives energy requirement of the city from coal without polluting the nature. Cont.
Source: Türkiye Gazetesi - 30.11.1999


Making efforts to establish a regional directorate in Çorlu, MİL-TEN is acknowledged as an "environmentally friendly" company. The company performs forestation activities in mines after expiry of their functional lifetime. Mil-Ten Holding planted around three million trees on a closed mining site of 1687 hectares.
Known for coal production and marketing, Mil-Ten Holding announced that it will open Trakya Regional Directorate in Çorlu. The company shall sell packaged coal in addition to open coal from 3,800 to 6,000 calories. Cont.
Source: Dünya Gazetesi - 27.06.1996


Ege Madencilik opened Mil-Ten Uygar Coal Dealer in Maltepe to sell high quality coal to consumers with affordable prices.
"Do not pay for stone and dust while buying coal" says company owner Ege Çavdaroğlu. "We are pleased to sell high-quality coal with affordable prices in our office in Maltepe. We sell stove and barbecue coal in bags. We receive orders through phone number 370 32 73 and fax number 441 65 15 and wholesale option is also available". Cont.
Source: Tekirdağ ŞAFAK - 27.05.1996