MİLTEN intends to establish a Salt Water Desalination Plant with 1800 m3/day to acquire potable water in drinking water standards to be used in YENİKÖY Plant. 

Companies to bid for acquisition of potable water from salt water with reverse osmosis method are kindly asked to submit turn-key quotation by submitting their previous projects to the file in addition to explaining the following items:  

• The most suitable location of the structure to take water from the sea nearby MİLTEN YENİKÖY plant and  the criteria used for determining that location, 
• Distance and depth of the relevant structure from the coast, 
• What kind of materials, pipes, pumps etc. shall be used in the structure for resistance to salt water and high pressure, 
• Which units shall be installed in the pre-refinement plant, 
• Characteristics and capacity of each unit in the pre-refinement plant, 
• What kind of materials shall be used in floculation and filtration units as well as their capacity, 
• What kind of materials (including membranes) and units shall be used in the reverse osmosis unit, 
• How many grades the reverse osmosis unite shall have, 
• Characteristics and capacity of each membrane and pump to be used in the RO unit, 
• How to recycle the waste current in RO unit by means of energy recovery system and how and where to use such energy, 
• What kind of system shall be used for demineralization, 
• What kind of chemicals shall be used for disinfection, coagulation, oxidation, pH regulation and anti-scalant and characteristics of dosage pumps, 
• Unit prices for chemicals, 
• Where and how to discharge the concentrate to the sea, 
• How to dispose refinement sludge, if any, 
• How to store the chemicals in the plant, 
• Current scheme of the system, 
• Cost of annual maintenance-repair and operation, 
• Total guarantee period for equipment, 
• Unit prices of equipment and chemicals in post-guarantee period, 
• Two-year operational guarantee to be provided by the contracted company for the plant after it is commissioned, 
• Training to Milten’s technical staff concerning operation, maintenance and repair of the plant. 

Interested companies are kindly asked to submit their quotation for MİLTEN YENİKÖY Salt Water Desalination Project to the following addresses in person, by mail/e-mail until as late as 30/12/2011, deadline for delivery.

Address:                            MNE ÇEVRE Mühendislik ve Müşavirlik Ltd. Şti., Barbaros Mah. Uphill Court Sit. AB1-A  No:155, Ataşehir/Istanbul
Phone:                               90 (0) 216 688 42 63 - (0) 216 688 42 61
Fax:                                   90 (0) 216 688 42 64
Contact Person:                Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖZTÜRK