Milten Holding aims to achieve stable growth in the industry by creating powerful global brands in international platform, to remain the best in terms of quality, service, procurement sources and dealer relations with due regard for our responsibilities and maintain our good image. Our main principle is to assume leadership in the relevant industries in the market so as to achieve our mission.

Solution Orientation

We shall always be the best in the industries we operate so as to facilitate and increase the quality of human life. We shall ensure customer satisfaction by meeting requirements of customers and offering the best service to them with due respect for their needs. We shall keep up with the improvements to become a global company and develop our company, products and services we offer to you.


Professionalism is defined as performing preliminary studies required for managing our business, improving ourselves continuously about the business and sharing our knowledge with our solution partners.

Team Spirit

We give importance to establishment of healthy and long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers and define our team as the total sum of the supply chain. We are aware that we can ensure customer satisfaction only through employees who love their job and support the development of one another. We consider that our most important capital is the human resources and that service quality is closely interrelated to staff quality.

Environmental Awareness

Mil-ten Holding gives importance to environmentalist activities as a result of operating local mineral resources with a global understanding. Holding companies started forestation activities inside the mining sites in 1994 planting over 1 million trees of 8 different species since then. They have become a large forest today thanks to the regular maintenance and care activities performed by professional teams. The tree species planted are Maritime Pine, Black Locust, Ash Tree, Turkish Pine, Umbrella Pine, Tree of Heaven, Walnut and Cypress.