The Association aims to encourage everyone to do sports including specifically the youth, to perform activities to ensure that sports is acknowledged as a lifestyle, to provide material and moral support to sports club in Arnavutköy so that sports activities become more common in the district, to raise awareness as to the importance of sports and physical education, to enable people to do sports in a healthy manner, to help people understand that sports is not only a tool for competition but also a beneficial pastime activity in that it is significant for physical education as well as mental development, to organize sports activities to contribute to a more peaceful society, to raise athletes for national and international competitions, to create the necessary environment to raise athletes with achievements on national and international arena, and to support and encourage the athletes under the surveillance of the district directorate of national education. 
ASKODER, in which Cemil Ökten acts as a member of Board of Directors, is the Sports Friend of
Durusu Hüseyin Ökten High School under "Sports Friends Project" in the name of Milten Holding.