CELEBRATING 21 MARCH WORLD FORESTRY DAY BY PLANTING TREES – Our country gives importance to protection of forests and performance of forestation activities since the beginning of the Republic. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has been organized to that end. Besides, a commission for forestation has been established in all provinces under the presidency of governors. The commission makes and implements decisions to protect forests and grow new forests in the locality. This task is performed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry by means of Regional Directorates of Forestry in regions and Provincial Directorates of Environment and Forestry in provinces. One week of every March is celebrated as "Forestry Week" whereas one day of the week is celebrated as “Forestry Festival” during which forestation activities are performed and tree donation campaign are organized to grow new forests. We, as Mil-Ten Holding, celebrate 21st of March World Forestry Day by planting trees with the awareness that we must protect the forests and plant as many trees as possible.

Mil-ten Holding gives importance to environmentalist activities as a result of operating local mineral resources with a global understanding. Holding companies started forestation activities inside the mining sites in 1994 planting over 1 million trees of 8 different species since then. They have become a large forest today thanks to the regular maintenance and care activities performed by professional teams. The tree species planted are Maritime Pine, Black Locust, Ash Tree, Turkish Pine, Umbrella Pine, Tree of Heaven, Walnut and Cypress.