The association aims to provide professional and social solidarity between the members, to refer the members to the necessary sources of information about the technological developments in mining industry, to ensure information flow, to improve relations with other NGOs related to the industry, to provide synergy by acting jointly to resolve the problems of the industry, to use all kinds of means to introduce and improve the association by means of mass media, to organize social and cultural meetings, to support the members in relation to their applications and requests before relevant public institutions and organizations and to assist them in their efforts, to make attempts in relevant subjects in line with the aims of the association, to appear before Turkish courts as claimant and respondent in lawsuits related to mining industry to protect the rights and interests of its members, to participate in lawsuits , to assist the members which are claimants and respondents in lawsuits , and to offer them legal assistance. 

One of the most significant objectives of the association is to provide synergy between mining companies dealing with extraction of mine.