Leaving its mark on Mining Industry with its entrepreneurship and reliability after being founded by late Hüseyin ÖKTEN with the trade title of Deniz Kömür İşletmesi, MİL-TEN HOLDİNG has been serving Turkish nation incessantly for more than fifty years notwithstanding the challenging eras of Turkish Economy.


MİL-TEN Group of Companies owned by Cemil ÖKTEN, a member of ÖKTEN Family known for implementing groundbreaking innovations in Mining industry for half a century, continues to offer more efficient services as MİL-TEN Holding with its powerful affiliates after developing successful projects in many areas including mining, construction of safe and alternative residential areas, environmentally friendly and economical power generation, and tourism.


In line with its main objective to serve better to the people of its nation, MİL-TEN HOLDİNG has always adapted to the changing and developing conditions of the world, gained trust and reliance of all the customers in addition to the persons and entities with whom it conduct business operations, and came to be acknowledged as a reliable and reputable company by foreign stakeholders thanks to its responsible operations.


Making preparations to undertake significant projects in near future in parallel with the upwards trend in development of Turkey, MİL-TEN HOLDİNG shall be pleased to make contributions to the economic and social life in the country by implementing fully integrated projects. Appreciated for not only its operations in Mining but also other industries, MİL-TEN HOLDİNG gives positive messages to the Community with its reliability in addition to its contribution to employment as a responsible corporation.